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Jen Swenson ’02 knows the importance of giving back

06.16.2020 | By:

Staying connected to your alma mater is an important and mutually beneficial decision that can have a lasting impact for alumni and the University. Jen Swenson agrees, and is a great example of a dedicated alumna. From the second she walkedJen (Teague) Swenson on campus, it felt like home to her. She was always respected, challenged and encouraged during her time at Wesleyan and knew she wouldn’t find that anywhere else.

A 2002 grad with a degree in business-psychology, Jen has found both professional success and a personal calling to give back to TXWES. She now works full time in marketing for Antares Homes and owns Jen Teague, LLC, a company that allows her to teach businesses how to recruit and hire top-notch employees. She’s been featured in, Carol, Fox Business, Fast Company, and, to name a few. She’s also working on writing a book and learning more about becoming a professional speaker.

Here’s more on what she has to say about her time as a Texas Wesleyan student and beyond:    

What are your favorite TXWES memories?

The day I became a member of Alpha Xi Delta, becoming president of Psy-Chi, free period, the people, graduation ... I have only good memories from Wesleyan!

How did TXWES contribute to your success and prepare you for your career?

A sense of pride, personal responsibility, and the tools I need every day are what Texas Wesleyan offered me in my life now. Without my experience here, I don’t know where I would be.

What’s the biggest reason you’re involved with your alma mater?

Texas Wesleyan gave me so much: one-on-one attention when I needed it, a great education, the confidence to take steps to do what I do best and pursue my passions, and opportunities in leadership I wouldn't have gotten anywhere else. Because the university gave me so much, it is important to me to give back and be an example to current students and new alumni and keep the TXWES traditions alive.

What is your favorite thing about coming back to campus? 

Other than seeing the growth, I have so many memories every time I step back onto campus: time with my sorority sisters, the hours spent working on homework and group assignments, the immeasurable possibilities waiting for me.

What’s your favorite TXWES alumni event?

It’s hard to pick just one, but the Wine Walk last year was a blast! Going back and seeing the growth of my little Texas Wesleyan makes me proud to be an alum.