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Mover and Shaker: Veronica Martinez ’81 making a difference through education

04.27.2020 | By:

Veronica Martinez is a special education resource teacher for WJ Turner Elementary School in Fort Worth. She began her career at WJ Turner a week after graduating from Texas Wesleyan, and she continues serving her students there today. She believes in the power of forming relationships to help her students grow and become the best they can be. She has been recognized for her dedication by receiving the Teacher of the Year award in 1989 and again in 2011. Veronica is a great advocate for the University and is always willing to help. She has served in various capacities as an alumna and currently serves on the alumni board of directors.

Here is what Veronica had to say about her career and her time at TXWES:

1) Why did you choose Texas Wesleyan?
Several reasons — the financial package made Texas Wesleyan affordable, it was local, classes were small and my dad graduated from Texas Wesleyan.

2) What’s your favorite Texas Wesleyan memory?
Not just one in particular. I was always in the library. The musicals were, and still are, amazing. I liked having my brother, Tim, there when he enrolled. Of course, eating at Mama's Pizza was a plus!

3) What is most interesting and rewarding about your career?
Working at the same school for so long, I've been able to watch my former students grow up, and in some cases, work with their children, too! The evolution of technology in education has been astounding, especially for a veteran like me.

4) How did TXWES contribute to your success and/or preparedness for your career?
Texas Wesleyan, for me, has always had a sense of community and family. Where I work, WJ Turner, I have that same feeling. I try to create a sense of community with my students, too. The bond we have benefits all of us.

5) What’s next for you?
Retirement...but not sure when!

6) List an interesting fact about you that people may not know.
During the years 2001-2011, I visited all the major league ballparks.

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