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Graduating from TXWES opened doors for MSNA alumnus Jonathan Phillips '12

08.28.2017 | By:
Johnathan Phillips is a MSNA student at Texas Wesleyan University

We may have the largest MSNA program in the country, but we're all about making it feel "Smaller. Smarter." Alumnus Jonathan Phillips '12 talks about his experience going through the program and how it shaped his career in nurse anesthesia.

Jonathan's Story

Why Texas Wesleyan?

"Texas Wesleyan is home to the largest nurse anesthesia program in the nation. The program is located in my home city of Fort Worth, employs my mother, and proudly lists among its distinguished alumni not only my mother, but also my uncle, brother, sister and cousin. It was not a difficult choice."

What do you like most about TXWES?

"Even though the nurse anesthesia program is the largest in the country, it still maintains the intimate, small-campus feel that Texas Wesleyan University cultivates."

How has Texas Wesleyan had a positive influence in your life?

"Texas Wesleyan's nurse anesthesia program not only prepared me, through the education and training, to become a respected member of my profession, it also opened doors for me professionally. Being a graduate of the largest nurse anesthesia program in the nation means that I'm part of a network of hundreds if not thousands of proud TXWES alumni in my profession across the country."

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