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Take the Morton Challenge

08.04.2015 | By:
For every new or increased gift to the Wesleyan Fund, Jack Morton has pledged a 1-to-1 matching gift.

What is the Morton Challenge?

For every new or increased gift to the Wesleyan Fund, Jack Morton '43 has pledged a 1-to-1 matching gift. That means your gift does more. There's never been a better time to give.

Here's why you should give to the Wesleyan Fund

It's coming — postcards, letters and emails asking you to "Take the Morton Challenge" and "make your gift today." 

Why? Because it really matters.

Nothing you can do makes a greater impact on the students at Texas Wesleyan than your gift — and your participation — to the Wesleyan Fund. Here's why:

It funds scholarships

The less dependent students are on student loans, the better they will be. And even with a couple of jobs, and every penny they've ever saved, it's very likely many will still need some help to cover the gap. We're talking star students — the kind that earn scholarships and go on to bigger and better things.

That's where scholarships come in. Your gift to the Wesleyan Fund goes directly to support student scholarships — how's that for bang for your buck?

It strengthens academic programs

Wesleyan Fund dollars go directly to strengthen academic programs. That increases the value of a Texas Wesleyan degree and attracts high-quality students to our University. Your dollars go to the people who need them.

It counts toward our participation

Major donors and foundations look at participation metrics before they give. Why? Because they want to see how engaged the community is with its University. If we don't care, why should we expect them to? Participation is a measure of passion. Proud of your school? Prove it with a gift.

That's why you might notice that this year; we're asking you to pass the word onto your friends. "Smaller. Smarter." works when all of us participate.

2015 Wesleyan Fund — The Goal

Our goal: $600,000

How do I give?

The easiest way to give is using our website — it's easy and immediate. We will be sending reminders to give throughout the year, but why not get the Challenge started off on the right foot? Make a gift today.

Make My Gift Now