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TXWES alumni recognized as Campus Teachers of the Year for FWISD

04.07.2021 | By:

We are so happy to see these amazing TXWES alumni being recognized as Campus Teachers of the Year for Fort Worth ISD.

Each year, one teacher from each school is nominated by their coworkers to be honored as Campus Teacher of the Year. Those teaching at elementary and secondary levels in the district are eligible to be recognized.

The teachers of Fort Worth ISD were asked to elect Campus Teachers of the Year who demonstrate an exceptional ability to teach both in-person and virtually, make a positive impact at their respective campuses, as well as being innovative in their approaches to the classroom and solving problems. Those nominated this year rose to the challenges presented as a result of teaching in the midst of a global pandemic and exceeded the expectations placed upon them.

Texas Wesleyan is proud to say that 11 of the 2020-2021 elementary level Campus Teachers of the Year are alumni. We are proud of these incredible teachers and all that they are accomplishing in the community.

Congratulations to our Texas Wesleyan alumni that were named Campus Teachers of the Year at the elementary level in Fort Worth ISD:

Alando Moore ’14, Western Hills Elementary

Angelica Ortiz ’18, George C. Clarke Elementary

Anthony Smith-Wright ’19, Eastern Hills Elementary

Deborah Johnson ’98, Carter Park Elementary

Diana Pios ’04, Diamond Hill Elementary

Joe Gonzalez ’01, Sam Rosen Elementary

Kimm Payne (Alternative Teaching Certification ’92), Tanglewood Elementary

Olivia Olalde ’11, Alice D. Contreras Elementary

Matthew Huitt ’03, HV Helbing Elementary

Melissa Owens ’03, Alice Carlson Applied Learning Center

Tina Rundles ’12, East Handley Elementary