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Donor Spotlight: Jared and Emily '01 Elkins Fowler

05.30.2017 | By:
Donor Spotlight

Jared and Emily ’01 Elkins Fowler contribute to Texas Wesleyan University at the President's Council level because they know how important the Wesleyan Fund is to the success of Texas Wesleyan's current and future students. Emily received a partial academic scholarship when she began at Texas Wesleyan—a scholarship that wouldn't have been available had alumni and other contributors not made it possible. Emily knows the significant impact alumni giving had on her life, and now she is grateful to be able to give back.  

Emily and husband Jared visited the University a couple of years ago and were simply stunned by the improvements that have taken place. “The campus is gorgeous! We are happy to give when visible efforts are being made to restore, renovate and beautify our campus," Emily, said.

The Fowlers utilized the matching gift program offered by Jared's employer. When the Fowlers donate to Texas Wesleyan University, the gift is matched, giving their donation more bang for their buck! The Fowlers receive the tax deduction for the portion they contribute, but Texas Wesleyan receives the full gift amount. Now that’s a real bonus for Texas Wesleyan and Wesleyan students!