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Artist Aimee Cardoso's 'Compulsion' exhibit opens Feb. 3

01.20.2020 | By:

Don’t miss Aimee Cardoso’s upcoming exhibition at the Bernice Coulter Templeton Gallery Feb. 3 through March 31.

"Compulsion is a group of new works which are direct depictions of my day to day brain functions. My work is an escape from the two lives I lead as a museum arts educator, and arts leader in the community. I am constantly torn between the two sides of my brain: left and right. That duality represented in these fabric jumbles; some are more tightly rendered, while others are looser, giving an unfinished look. I find comfort in these familiar folds of fabric. The chance to lose control in these paintings in ways I cannot in other aspects of my life is freeing. The loss of control and the creation of imperfection makes the real more interesting, giving the viewer, and myself, a place for the mind to get lost."

-Aimee Cardoso

Opening reception

Thursday, Feb. 6, from 7–9 p.m. Light bites and beverages will be provided.

About the Studio & Gallery

The Bernice Coulter Templeton Art Studio & Gallery is open to visitors Monday - Thursday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Professors from all disciplines are invited and encouraged to use the gallery as an additional teaching tool. This university gallery belongs to the Wesleyan community and promises to provide an environment in which learning occurs and where cultural experiences expand creative and intellectual curiosity.