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Critical partnership ensures TXWES student-athletes are returning to play safely

01.07.2021 | By:

Pictured at top: TXWES baseball player Ryne Randle is screened by UNTHSC before being cleared to play.

Texas Wesleyan Athletics and the UNT Health Science Center are working together to make sure student-athletes are physically ready to return to play after testing positive for COVID-19.

Before being cleared, each student must go through an athletic screening, which can help identify potentially dangerous side-effects of COVID-19, including myocarditis.

“Whenever patients who've recovered from COVID exercise during the acute phase of myocarditis, that can lead to dangerous and lethal rhythms of the heart,” Laine Markham, cardiology physician assistant at UNT Health Science Center, told WFAA.

So far, more than 60 athletes have been screened. If any issues are identified during screening, the athletes are then tested further.

“Definitely gives me peace of mind, gives the athletes some peace of mind,” TXWES Head Athletic Trainer Peter Brock told WFAA.

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