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School’s out, news is not: You can be seen on TV this summer

05.07.2015 | By:
Fox 4 Good Day features Texas Wesleyan Career Services Director Robyn Bone in an interview about the modern job hunt.

Last summer, Robyn Bone, director of career services, was featured on Fox Good Day discussing the “modern job hunt.”

The spring semester is coming to a close, and while campus quiets down, the news does not. The summer months offer just as many opportunities for you to be in the news as an expert for Texas Wesleyan.

Faculty and staff: Please Take a moment to update your Expert Information Form online. You can also email Ann Davis to let her know your summer status:

  • Summer, what? I’m on campus and available
  • Out of office but still texting
  • Don’t call me, I’ll call you

You know you’re an expert if…

  • You follow currents events relative to your field of study or job
  • You have an opinion about current news and event outcomes, rooted in what you study or teach in the classroom, or based on your career field
  • You don’t mind having your colleagues/family/friends tell you they saw your name in the paper, heard your commentary on the radio or saw your interview on TV
  • You want to help Texas Wesleyan positively grow its reputation through free publicity