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TXWES grads to Dallas Morning News: ‘Smaller. Smarter.’ makes the difference

10.22.2018 | By:
Dallas Morning News photo of Victoria Gallegos '18.

Pictured above: Victoria Gallegos '18 poses with Willie. Photo courtesy: Dallas Morning News

Two recent Texas Wesleyan alums explained why “Smaller. Smarter.” was the right path for them when they were featured in the Dallas Morning News.

Victoria Gallegos ’18 said Texas Wesleyan’s focus on diversity helped her make her decision.

"You see the different dynamics of being there and not seeing a lot people who look like you," Gallegos said of other schools in the article. "But here, you see a lot of people who look like you, but also a lot of people who don't. ... It makes a difference. It makes you feel comfortable. It makes you feel welcome. It makes you feel at home."

Luis Calderon ’18 told writer Eva-Marie Ayala that music professors helped add a personal touch, by taking time after his audition to speak with him one-on-one.

"None of the other schools did that," Calderon said to the Dallas Morning News. "It was very relaxed and informal. They just wanted to know more about me. I could see myself attending this school."

Check out the story for more about Luis and Victoria’s experiences, and how Texas Wesleyan is playing a role in the increase of graduation rates among Latinos.