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TXWES website launches new public events feature

05.05.2021 | By:
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Since 1890 and the days when Texas Wesleyan was known as Polytechnic College, we’ve been proud to call Fort Worth’s Polytechnic Heights community our home. Our neighbors, along with students, faculty and staff, make up what TXWES is today.  

We are proud to announce a renewed effort to invite members of the community to experience the great events happening on campus every day. Website contributors can now specifically mark their calendar events and news stories as public events — which allows our community to see which events are open to the public.

News story featured photo that shows public events marker News story in TXWES news feed that shows public event marker

News stories and events marked as public will include special markers, making them easier to stand out. To add the marker to your story, just check the Public Event box, pictured below, while entering your story into T4.

TerminalFour news story content type showing example of public events feature

Questions? Email the university’s new T4 contact, Ryan Stankard at