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We’re living ‘Smaller. Smarter.’ Here’s how to do it

02.15.2019 | By:
The Canafax Clocktower nears completion on the Texas Wesleyan campus.

In January, Texas Wesleyan administrative staff learned tips on how to best serve the university community every day by phone, email or in person. 

No matter what your role is at TXWES, there are ways you can approve your daily interactions with those who approach you with a problem:

Have a positive attitude

If you’re approached with a question, start with a smile. That upbeat tone will set up a positive interactive. If it is by email, a simple “hello” can make all the difference.

Make sure to listen

The person came to you for a reason. Give them your undivided attention by facing them and establishing eye contact. If you have headphones on, take them off. If it is by email, minimize browsers that could be a distraction. If it is by phone, clear your mind and process what they are saying.

Repeat details and ask questions

This ensures your understanding and helps the client feel heard. If you are unclear of some details, don’t be afraid to ask questions and make sure you truly understand the situation.

Don’t forget the warm transfer

If the solution to the problem involves a phone transfer, make sure to explain to the new party who the caller is and why they are calling. This will help prepare the new party to start to think about the solution or the next steps. If you are receiving the warm transfer, remember to greet the caller with the details you’ve learned. For example, “Hi Sara, Scott just told me that you are calling about this. I can help you with that.” This keeps the caller from having to repeat themselves.

Keep your voicemail clear

Listening to your voicemail is key to good service. Once you listen to a voicemail, delete the message. This keeps your voicemail box ready for the messages and avoids the dreaded “voicemail is full” message.

Questions? Email the Office of Marketing & Communications at or call 817-531-5812.