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Making TXWES Merry and Bright

11.30.2023 | By: Texas Wesleyan University
Councilman Chris Nettles, Dr. Emily W. Messer, Willy the Ram, Councilwoman Jeanette Martinez, Santa Joe Brown and Brooklynn Rowe

The heart of the TXWES campus was aglow with good cheer at the  “Light Up TXWES” event , where students, faculty, staff, alumni and community supporters joined President Emily W. Messer for her first holiday event on campus. The Martin University Center and Kay Granger Mall were illuminated with a spectacular display of lights as Theatre Wesleyan and the Music Department helped to make it a fun evening for all. The festive “Light Up TXWES” display will remain up throughout the campus’s holiday season.  

Many thanks went out to the entire Light Up TXWES committee for their planning and gratitude to the countless volunteers who helped to get the campus ready for the big moment.  

Additionally, a special thanks was given to each of the TXWES divisions who helped to make this event happen:  

  1. The Division of Student Affairs
  2. The Office of Marketing and Communications  
  3. The Office of Alumni Relations
  4. The Texas Wesleyan Facilities Team  
  5. Student Government Association 

Lastly there was a big RAMily thank you given to the special guests who joined President Messer on stage for the lighting, Councilman Chris Nettles, representing District 8, and Councilwoman Jeanette Martinez, representing District 11, from the City of Fort Worth.  

President Messer looks forward to making this the first of a new TXWES tradition and having it be even bigger and brighter next year.   

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