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Branding 101- How to spell TXWES

05.04.2022 | By:

When you see LOL, ASAP or BRB, you know what someone is telling you. They're well-known abbreviations that almost everyone uses. Universities work the same – think UT, A&M, TCU, UNT … the list goes on. 

But what about abbreviating Texas Wesleyan University? While we’ve been around longer than Texas Woman’s University, we haven’t always had the Texas Wesleyan University name. That’s why TWU is for Texas Woman’s — not Texas Wesleyan. We’re TXWES. (It just sounds cool, too.)  

It’s TXWES, T-X-W-E-S. All caps. No spaces. Not TxWes, or Txwes or txwes. It’s TXWES – small school, big capital letters. Like you’re shouting it because you’re super proud. Go TXWES! 

Why should you use TXWES? Because we don’t want to be mistaken for another school. We’re the “Smaller. Smarter.” university in Fort Worth — and don’t forget it. When people see TXWES, we want them to know it stands for Texas Wesleyan, so you help uphold Texas Wesleyan’s Texas-sized reputation. 

To be easily recognized and affiliated with the university, make sure that TXWES is the abbreviation you’re using. For more information about the university brand standards, visit