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Say hello to the new Willie the Ram graphic

It's time to say your farewells to the Willie the Ram graphic — turns out he earned his degree and is now graduating. He's riding off into the sunset, diploma in hand.

But don't worry, Willie the Ram II is starting his first year at Texas Wesleyan University this fall! That means as you're looking to use the Willie the Ram logo for your fall 2023 materials (think kiosk signs, Martin Center TV's, flyers, social media graphics, etc.). you can start using Willie the Ram II.

This new logo will not be replacing any University logos or the Ram head athletics logo — he's just a cute mascot logo to enhance your marketing materials.

Willie the Ram II comes with several different poses, including:

  • Rams up
  • Thumbs up
  • Hands on hips
  • Holding up his index finger
  • Flat palm

To help keep him in the Texas Wesleyan brand, Willie the Ram II will only be wearing his blue T-shirt, gold shorts and tennis shoes. (Don't worry, he has at least five outfit pairs so he's not doing laundry every day.)

To get your very own Willie the Ram II graphics, you can simply download them here. Don't forget to read the Willie the Ram Brand Guide before using him in your materials!

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