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T4 Reminders from the Office of Marketing & Communications

Start living

As the fall semester kicks off, be sure to keep these T4 tips in mind!

It's easier than ever to submit news and events

Got a story or event that you want on the website? Simply complete the forms at for news stories or for events. Remember that you'll still need to write the story or the body of the event — the forms are there to make it easier to get your completed content onto the website.

Approvals are due by 11 a.m. to the Office of Marketing & Communications

If you want your website content to be live on the website on the following business day, make sure that your department-level approvals are completed by 11 a.m. Approvals submitted by the 11 a.m. deadline will be reviewed and approved on the same business day and will be live on the website at the following midnight. Content submitted after the deadline will be reviewed on the following business day and go live on the day after they are approved. That means content submitted at 3 p.m. on a Friday may not be live until the following Tuesday, so be sure to get your content submitted by the deadline!

Need T4 training? Check out

Whether you need to complete beginner T4 training to receive edit access to the website or just need to brush up on specific topics, is there for you — 24/7, 365 days a year. This training page covers some of the most common questions, gives step-by-step instructions, and plays host to the new self-paced T4 training. Check it out!

AP Style Reminders

All of the content on the website needs to adhere to AP Style — here are a couple of relevant reminders.

  • Each month this semester is abbreviated — Sept., Oct., Nov. and Dec. You do not need to abbreviate the month if you are just referring to the month (ex. "this September), but if you are referring to a specific date (ex. Sept. 16), save the keystrokes and abbreviate!
  • There's no need to use suffixes like "th" or "rd" on dates. For example, if there's a football game on Sept. 16, you'll just write "Sept. 16", not "Sept. 16th".
  • Morning and evening are "a.m." and "p.m.", — except for 12 p.m., which is just "noon".
  • When you're shortening "Texas Wesleyan", be sure to use "TXWES", not "txwes", "TxWes", "TexWes" and especially not "TWU" — no matter what the signs on Beach Street say.
  • Who cares about Oxford commas? AP Style does, so we do too. We do not use the Oxford comma, meaning there is no comma between the second-to-last and last item on a list. To see some examples, check out the lists above and note the lack of a comma!

If you have specific questions or just want to learn more, check out

Have a great fall semester!

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