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Want to get your events and projects noticed? Here’s how ‘one post does it all’

Fox 4 Good Day features Texas Wesleyan Career Services Director Robyn Bone in an interview about the modern job hunt.

"If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

Your research is groundbreaking. Your latest class project gives students hands-on experience. You teach critical thinking skills that make a difference in the lives of others. You are utilizing the latest technology in the classroom and workplace to create a better experience for our students.

So, how do you get the community to take notice?

Simple – one post does it all.

Write a story about your project or event, take a photo and post it to your department news webpage.

From there it gets on the marketing team’s radar for additional internal and external promotion. Everything from social media to the Wesleyan magazine, and our local newspaper to morning TV, submitting a story to your department news kicks off a chain reaction to help get your work noticed. Marketing is always looking to share authentic stories of how smaller is smarter with our university community and beyond.

A great example is director of career services, Robyn Bone. Through posts to her department page about tips to update your resume, Robyn ended up on Fox Good Day this summer. Her post to her web page led to the Flame, then to a story pitched to producers at Fox. With that also came lots of Facebook interaction for Robyn and the great work her career services team is doing.

You are making great strides with your work and for the advancement of our students. Take 10 minutes to tell your story through your department web page, see how big a splash you can make and make sure it gets heard.

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