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Coursera Career Academy

Take your skills to the next level: explore our professional certifications!

Enhance your resume and increase employability by adding in-demand skills. These professional certifications provide cutting edge skills you can learn now, rather than waiting to learn on the job. Courses are taught by Google, Meta, IBM, HubSpot, Salesforce, and others. With the knowledge you gain from your courses here at Texas Wesleyan and the skills you will learn with a professional certification, you will set yourself apart for future employers. 

Through our partnership with Coursera Career Academy, you can earn valuable career credentials and an applied skillset. Choose certificates that focus on data analytics, sales and marketing, project management, or IT specialist. Each certificate consists of multiple online courses that include in-browser tutorials and step-by-step expert video guidance which can be completed on average in 5-7 months. Complete all courses to earn your certificate which you can share on LinkedIn and add to your resume.

Courses and certificates available from industry leaders such as:



Highlighted Programs


Guide to pricing for students, alumni, and other


  • 3-month license $29.00
  • 6-month license $39.00
  • 10-month license $49.00


  • 3-month license $49.00
  • 6-month license $69.00
  • 10-month license $99.00

General Public

  • 3-month license $99.00
  • 6-month license $199.00
  • 10-month license $299.00

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