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Black Student Association hosts short film watch party

09.27.2021 | By:
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The Black Student Association will bring awareness and support to the LBGTQIA community by hosting a National Coming Out Day event on Oct. 11.

"My passion for the BSA and events like the watch party come from being a Black non-binary femme and simply wishing to connect and empower more students like myself who feel underrepresented at our institution," said Queen Elizondo, President of BSA. “The event is really about highlighting LGBT+ stories in film and creating a safe space for students to discuss their own experiences.” Elizondo is also active on campus as a part of the Diversity and Inclusion Council.

We hope this event allows everyone to feel safe and welcome to share their life experiences with each other at TXWES.

"The One You Never Forget" is a short film by Morgan Jon Fox about a 14-year-old boy who excitedly prepares for his first dance, but when his date arrives, he is faced with a split-second decision. Information provided by IMDB.

"Ladies Day" is a short film from the UK by Abena Taylor-Smith about Amma (Savannah Steyn) who is paying a visit to the hairdressers. On the doorstep, she refuses a kiss from her girlfriend Jade (Jade Avia), in case anyone inside should see them. What follows is a slice of life, observed from the salon chair, as Amma dodges questions about why she hasn’t got a boyfriend and listens to the conversations of the women around her, which head into some uncomfortable territory. Information provided by

In the final short film, "Passing" by Jolie Hales, customers and employees watch as a young man enters the local flower shop to pick up the usual love-professing items: heart balloons, cards and of course, flowers. Some onlookers smile, while an aged Rob can't help but look on in annoyance and disgust. It is only after Rob leave the flower shop that he realizes things are not always as they seem — a realization that inspires Rob to see his own life in a different light. Information provided by IMDB.