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Twins at Which Wich Earn Recognition as College & University Foodservice Heroes

Twins Kenia and Beatriz Ortega, who work at the Which Wich on Texas Wesleyan’s campus, received recognition for “College & University Staff Who Made a Difference” from Food Management, an online publication for noncommercial food service professionals, in August.  

Food Management sent out a call for nominations of Foodservice Heroes—individuals who have exemplified their dedication and commitment to their customers and organizations — and received over 600 responses nationally. 

John McRae, former general manager at Aramark Collegiate Hospitality at Texas Wesleyan University nominated the twins. 

“Two is always better than one, right? Well in this case, we have twins and two is certainly better,” McRae said. “Kenia and Beatriz have an extremely high level of interaction with our students, faculty and staff on campus. Their dedication and embodiment to not just the university but the Which Wich brand is amazing. They go above and beyond to ensure the highest possible customer service and experience that we can give. They have done so much to connect with their customers that they know all their names — students are surprised that even when there is no name written on their order their name gets called out.” 

The twins love to laugh, share a "strong" affection for the K-Pop group BTS and go out to eat and try different types of food and new restaurants. 

"Working with Aramark feels like a big family and nothing is more important than family," said Kenia.  

They are certainly two people we are lucky to have on our campus!

Story was created from a press release from Aramark and a post on Food Management’s website. Photo courtest of Texas Wesleyan Dining Services, John McRae

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