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Rethink Positive: Reducing HIV stigma

11.11.2021 | By:

Join us on Nov. 30 from noon-1 p.m. with Hope Adams of Tarrant County Public Health as we host a workshop to discuss the harms of HIV stigma and how to challenge it. The first 20 to register for the workshop through Ramspace will be provided a box lunch.

The Diversity and Inclusion Council is proud to partner with Rethink Positive and the AIDS Outreach Center to shed light on HIV and how we can destigmatize those living with HIV. Texas has the third-highest rate of new cases, and Tarrant County has the second-highest rate of new cases in Texas. This is an important conversation to have on a college campus, as 20-29 year olds make up the majority of new HIV cases.

Rethink Positive is a free workshop-based program designed to reduce HIV stigma and discrimination against people living with HIV in Tarrant County. Rethink Positive is designed to educate and inspire participants to reduce the devastating effects of HIV stigma. This program is hosted through the Tarrant County Public Health Department.

The AIDS Outreach Center (AOC) is a leader in North Texas in the fight against HIV. Annually, 42 staff members provide services and education to over 2,000 people living with HIV and prevention services to over 3,500 people in our community.

"I am excited to bring Hope Adams and AOC onto campus because it is time that we change the conversation regarding HIV. It is no longer a death sentence, but it still affects a large amount of the population," said Bertie Gardner, one of the RAMily's Transfer Counselors, "Discrimination against those living with HIV can negatively affect their employment, their social status, their support system — ultimately leading those to avoid openly acknowledging their diagnosis and seeking the services that they need. As a campus community, we need to ‘rethink positive’ and learn how to better support our RAMily members, as well as other members of the great Tarrant County community."

The AIDS Outreach Center will be conducting HIV testing after the workshop. All those who get tested while at this event will be given a $10 Amazon Gift Card. The testing will be available from 1:30-3:30 p.m.

The event will be taking place in the Andrews Ballrooms in the Martin University Center.

Any questions about the event can be emailed to Bertie Gardner.

This is a Diversity and Inclusion sponsored event.