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TXWES launches new minors in Latinx Studies and Social Justice Studies

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Texas Wesleyan University has launched two new minors in Latinx Studies and Social Justice Studies. Both minors are designed to provide students with a deeper understanding of the history, culture and social justice issues facing Latinx and marginalized communities. 

The Latinx Studies minor requires students to take six courses, including two cores in Minority Groups and Writing for Social Change. Students can also choose to take courses in Hispanic and Latin American literature, history, society and culture 

The Social Justice Studies minor is also six courses, with two core courses in Social Justice and Writing for Social Change. This minor covers topics in criminal law and justice, African American Literature, Race & Gender in American Culture, Minority Groups and more. Students can also choose to take courses in political theory, social psychology and religious studies as they relate to race and gender. 

Both minors are interdisciplinary, drawing on courses from a variety of departments, including criminal justice, English, Spanish, history, political science, sociology and religion. The minors are also designed to be flexible, so students can tailor their coursework to their interests and career goals. 

The Fort Worth area, which has a large and growing Latinx population, is home to several organizations that are working to promote civil rights, environmental justice and other social justice causes for Latinx and other marginalized communities. The new minors will provide students with the knowledge and skills they need to make a difference and work for the various organizations in our community. 

See the degree plans for each minor for more details and available classes and talk to your advisor about how to add a minor to your degree.  

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