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Is your parking permit expired? Update it today

06.19.2014 | By:
New Texas Wesleyan Parking Decal

Last year’s parking permits expired on May 31, 2014 and all faculty and staff members must renew their University parking permit. You must have a parking permit to park on campus, regardless of whether you have been issued a reserved parking space.

Here’s how to renew your parking permit:

  1. Fill out the Vehicle Registration form. The form must be filled in completely before a permit will be issued.
  2. There are three ways to return your completed form and receive your new permit:
    • Email the form to and your new permit will be sent to you through campus mail.
      • Follow these steps to save the the form with your information:
        1. Click on the link to open the Vehicle Registration form.
        2. Go to “File” then “Save As.”
        3. Save the file to your computer with your name. The file extension will be (.pdf).
        4. Open the saved file.
        5. Type in  your information.
        6. Save the file again.
        7. Email the file to Sheri.
    • Send a printed copy of the form through campus mail to the library circulation desk and your new permit will be sent to you through campus mail.
    • Bring the form to the circulation desk. You may pick up your new permit at the same time you turn in the form.

The new permit is a decal that should be placed on the lower rear window of the driver’s side of your vehicle. Expired permits should be discarded.

Questions? Contact Sheri Parker,