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Concert Information

Concert Information

Join us at 5 p.m. for a pregame concert featuring country artist Deanna Wheeler and country/rock/mariachi fusion band Tequila Rock Revolution. Admission to the concert is included in your Global Clasico game ticket, so be sure to drop by and check out the show!


Deanna Wheeler

Deanna Wheeler is a country music artist with a powerhouse voice and an amazing story! She wears her heart on her sleeve with classic country sounds mixed with a fiery pop/country flair! She served her country in the Air Force in 2009, and in the years that followed she found both love and heartbreak, which left her experiencing the devastating effects of PTSD in her own home, although this most importantly allowed her to find herself. She didn't know how strong she was until she picked up her three wonderful children and moved from California to Texas, where she found music.

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Tequila Rock Revolution

Tequila Rock Revolution is the brainchild of Grammy-nominated Austin Latino rocker and electric violinist Haydn Vitera. The show is a metal-fueled, Mariachi-infused spectacle of sight and sound paying homage to the tradition of Mariachi through an unprecedented fusion with modern metal and electronica.

The machine-gun rhythms of Vihuela fire over a bed of intense dubstep grooves, Requinto trades licks with shredding lead guitar and Mariachi strings join forces with 7-string Viper electric violins.

"Metallized" Mariachi standards and well-known metal and rock covers are weaved into a performance rife with dark imagery and Mexican folklore and brought to life with incredible lighting effects and stunning video.

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Willett Entertainment

Led by a 30-year music industry veteran, the Willett Entertainment Group provides world-class artists, celebrities and production to unique special events, festivals, non-profit galas, corporate and private events.

"Being a Native Texan who has spent much of my career in Nashville, I am incredibly excited to have the opportunity to produce the Global Clasico pregame Concert showcasing the best of the Texas and Nashville music cultures! It is my sincere hope that this show will be like nothing you've ever heard before on one stage!" —Jeff Willett, Founder & CEO