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Congratulations to the 'We Got Sole' walking moai

04.02.2019 | By:
4 winners of the Blue Zone Walking Challenge,

Congratulations to the 'We Got Sole' walking moai team: June Johnson, Marquel Anteola, Elsa Torres and Shelley Almgren.

During the 10 week challenge, the team racked up a tolal of 907 minutes walking minutes together (over 15 hours).

The West Walkers came in 2nd place with 829 minutes. Way to walk!

Special thank you to Lisa Gallegos and Faby Rodriguez for coordinating the challenge. 

Stay tuned for upcoming challenges you or a team can sign up for to benefit your overall wellbeing! To learn more about ways you can commit to a healthier you, visit the Blue Zones Project page.

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