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Put your purpose in action by serving others

11.29.2017 | By:
Blue Zones Project

A great way to help yourself stay healthy and live a better life is to reach out and help others.

Why volunteer?

People living in the original Blue Zones® areas have reasons why they wake up each morning. Volunteering gives you a chance to lead a more meaningful life by donating your time, gifts and effort to help a worthy cause. Every time you volunteer, you'll be making your community better and contributing to local causes that reinforce your sense of life purpose.

Health benefits of volunteering

Aside from the emotional benefits of volunteering, there are significant health benefits associated with giving your time. Studies have noted lower rates of cancer and heart disease as well as reduced healthcare costs among people who volunteer regularly. It seems that volunteers gain as much as they give.

Start giving back with these current serving opportunities on campus:

Other volunteering options at TXWES