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Reset with a micro-break

11.30.2016 | By:
Blue Zones Project

Reset with a micro-break! Take a quick walk to make copies or deliver a message in person instead of sending an email. Even a small change to a task, such as returning a phone call while standing, will help. Next time you have the choice, take the stairs. Stair use burns calories and studies have linked stair use to health benefits such as improved cardiovascular health.

Taking a micro-break (less than two minutes) isn’t a break from work but a break from using the particular set of muscles that are doing most of the work. Micro-breaks can actually decrease the time it takes to complete a particular task while helping to combat fatigue and discomfort. This should have a positive effect on productivity, problem solving, and creativity.

Here are some great apps to download for to help remind you about getting up and stretching. That's not all you can do. Download this helpful guide of ‌Blue Zones Project desk stretches. Now, go take that mico-break.