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Employee finds legal help with the Employee Assistance Program

11.09.2015 | By:
Magellan Healthcare EAP program, human resources, benefits

Employee testimony:

"If you have not had the occasion yet to use the Employee Assistance Program, I’d encourage everyone to keep it in mind as a useful tool when life gets interesting.  I recently used the legal service through the EAP.  My in-laws had received a legal document from the county by mail and we were trying to decide what if any action they needed to take.  It seemed like a potentially simple item but I was nervous we might make a bad assumption and wanted to check in with a professional in the field.  So I called up the EAP service, gave my information and a summary of the issue I was trying to resolve.  Their operator team connected me with a local lawyer who worked in the associated service area.  I walked through the situation and explained the documents received, the lawyer gave me advice as to next steps and helped put me at ease.  He even encouraged me to call back if I encountered further issues on this topic as I hadn’t used my whole time with him.  It was extremely handy to connect with a professional who could guide you in either resolving a minor matter or advise you on seeking additional help when needed." 

If you are a full-time employee, the Magellan Health Employee Assistance program is available to you and your dependents.  Visit or call 800-327-1393 for more information.