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How do you join a walking moai?

10.20.2016 | By:

Form a Blue Zones Project Walking Moai and find a new way to get healthier, happier and more connected! Attend an upcoming launch at to learn more about the Moai program, meet new people and sign up. 

What is a Moai? 

Moais are groups of 5-8 people that meet over ten weeks to walk or potluck together and socialize. The term "moai" (pronounced mow-eye) comes from Okinawa, Japan. It means "meeting for a common purpose." 

Join the fun to meet new people and kick-off the 10-week Walking Moai program. Each attendee will receive a Blue Zones Project t-shirt and have a chance to win prizes. Lunch will be provided!

Please RSVP to: Christi Tallent or ext. 4403

Blue Zones Walking Moai Guide