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HR providing anxiety-reducing resources after recent shootings

07.13.2016 | By:

Over the course of the last week, reports of mass violence and shootings have plagued the news. Although people are resilient and often bounce back after difficult times, these events nearly always interrupt our sense of order and safety. The impact often extends to individuals who live far outside of the affected area with no personal connections to the event. This is especially true when the event is human-caused with the intent of harming others. Even counselors with advanced training can become overwhelmed by the intensity of these tragic events.

In the aftermath of recent shootings, Texas Wesleyan’s Magellan EAP program is providing faculty and staff with some helpful resources on reducing anxiety.

For more helpful information on handling anxiety and stress, as well as other personal resources, please visit the Magellan EAP website. Your EAP is available 24/7 to provide consultations and support to employees and families.