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New online fact book a great resource for FAQ

09.05.2013 | By:
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Do you ever need University data for a report or a proposal? Or maybe you’re just curious what some of our numbers are. Either way, the online fact book is the answer.

The fact book is an extensive report showing frequently requested data as well as official University data. Everything is presented in a structured format that is useful for planning, review and decision-making purposes.

The tool is a resource that is available to everyone. All data contained in the current fact book is a reflection of official Fall 2012 and Spring 2013 census data.

Sherri Caraballo, director of institutional research, compiles the data throughout the year and frequently provides data reports to executive leadership.

“It is a valuable tool to provide both current and historical information on a variety of subject areas, including admissions, student enrollment, degrees conferred and various academic information,” she said. “Having the fact book online makes it easy for faculty and staff to access the information they need any time of the day.”

Most frequently asked questions

  • How many applicants did we have and how many enrolled?
  • What is our official student enrollment?
  • What was our full-time equivalent?
  • How many full-time faculty do we have on campus?
  • How many students graduated from our major this year?

Data you might not expect to find

  • Student-athlete retention rates
  • Residence hall capacity
  • Board of trustees information
  • Graduation rates
  • University organizational chart