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New faculty and staff awards recognize contributions to 2020 goals

09.04.2015 | By:
The “2020 Vision” campaign brings progress toward the University’s Strategic Plan into one central brand.

University President Frederick G. Slabach announced today two new awards that will recognize individual faculty and staff members for their efforts toward reaching the goals of the University’s 2020 Vision.

"Our high-quality faculty and dedicated staff are the backbone of our University," President Slabach said. "Texas Wesleyan is thriving because of their hard work in and outside of the classroom." 

"These new awards allow us to recognize accomplishments specifically tied to our strategic plan — accomplishments that often go unrecognized."

The Engaging Educator Award and Staff Hero Award will replace the President’s GEM Award.

Engaging Educator Award

The University’s 2020 Vision strategic plan states that the University will employ engaging educators who blaze trails for the next generation of critical thinkers to follow, both inside the classroom and within the professional community. This is a part of the goal.

The Engaging Educator Award will recognize faculty members for:

  • Engaging students in research
  • Engaging students in the community
  • Engaging in program development

Deans from each five schools will nominate one faculty member per semester. Recipients will be announced by a brief "pop in" from President Slabach during class and through the Wesleyan Flame.

Staff Hero Award

The University’s 2020 Vision defines Texas Wesleyan’s priorities and serves as a road map to educational excellence. Staff members play a key role in supporting and achieving these goals.

The Staff Hero Award nomination will come from Executive Staff and one Staff Hero Award will be announced at the end of each 2020 Town Hall Meeting. The recipient will also be announced through the Wesleyan Flame.