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Checking in with Eric Casias '04, merchant advisor

02.22.2013 | By:

We like to check in with our graduates and see how they are doing — and how their degree is helping them.

Take, for instance, Eric Casias '04 is a Texas Wesleyan University graduate making an impact in the banking world. Why? because he knows the importance of developing strong relationships with his customers.

Casias, who graduated with a degree in exercise science, is working as a commercial merchant sales advisor and assistant manager for one of Capital One's regional branches. He's in his fourth year in the industry. "Building those relationships with business owners," Casias said. "You get on a first name basis." 

He's building relationships with clients on a one-on-one level, helping their operations run more efficiently and helping them to keep their business up-to-date on the rules and regulations that businesses have to be in the know about.

One-on-one? Sounds a lot like Texas Wesleyan. "As I think back to my experience at Wesleyan, the times I spent with my professors one-on-one in the early stages of a professional relationship is somewhat key to the role that I am doing today," Casias said.

Whether aided by technology or a good, old-fashioned face-to-face — the real world is a one-on-one, relationship-driven place. So why do other universities work with students en masse? Who does that help?

At an intentionally small school like Texas Wesleyan, you can learn all new ideas and concepts thanks to close work with your professors. A good professor can open you up to a new world of study and learning. They can challenge you to use the critical thinking skills form your degree to do great things. But it all starts with the relationship.

Eric definitely thinks so. "I really felt like I was part of a small family."

Another great Texas Wesleyan graduate make a mark on the world.