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Classroom equipment upgrades: A campus improvement update from Brian Franks

04.08.2014 | By:
Interactive learning board

New classroom equipment includes interacting learning boards and lecterns for classrooms in the Polytechnic United Methodist Church.

This week, Facilities Director Brian Franks details some of the new campus enhancement projects that will be seen in the classrooms.

Coming soon

Here’s what’s next in the campus improvement series:

  • Campus entry way
  • Renovations

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“Deans were given the opportunity to submit equipment requests for their departments’,” Franks said. “As you’ll see from the list below, we are able to make classroom improvements across the entire campus.”

Requests from deans that will be fulfilled include:

  • Biology equipment
  • Math and computer science equipment
  • Social Science lab software
  • Sociology lab software
  • PUMC furniture, interactive learning boards and lecterns
  • Art department equipment
  • Replacement of digital pianos and acquisition of rare instruments for Martin Hall

“We are working on several classroom equipment upgrades as well,” Franks continued. “For example, in McFadden, we are going to replace components of the chemical fume hoods, and for the art department we will be replacing the kiln’s exhaust fan.”

When asked about the heating and air conditioning issues that affect the Polytechnic United Methodist Church building, Franks said that the University is currently engaged with an engineering firm to develop a plan for bringing the heating and air conditioning system up to date. He noted that while there is not a specific plan at this point, it is a priority for the University and options are being reviewed.

Now through the end of the semester, look for Brian Franks’ update every Tuesday in the Wesleyan Flame newsletter and online. Coming up next week: Details about the campus entryway breaking ground this summer.

Have a suggestion for campus improvements that is not an immediate work order? Submit your ideas to Brian on the campus facilities feedback page.