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Graduating Sumners Scholars Honored by Foundation, University

04.02.2014 | By:
2014 Sumners Scholars Luncheon

Front Row: Kendal Carnley, Beverly Volkman Powell, Misty Wilkins, Natalie Kopp, Samantha Max, Kenneth Jones, Jr., Emily Davis. Back Row:  Frederick G. Slabach, Hugh Akin, Dale Crane, Charlie Moore, Jerry Reis, Lon Williams and John Maddux.

Hatton W. Sumners Scholars Kendal Carnley and Samantha Max were recognized at a special event in Lou’s Place on Wednesday, April 2. The scholars were honored and presented with a certificate, academic regalia medallion and a signed copy of the book The Wisdom of Hatton W. Sumners and The Sumners Foundation Scholarship.

Texas Wesleyan University President Frederick G. Slabach, Sumners Foundation Executive Director Hugh Akin, members of the Texas Wesleyan and Sumners Board of Trustees, staff and faculty members attended the luncheon. Faculty attendees were selected by the graduating scholars as those who have inspired them the most during their time at Texas Wesleyan and included Dr. Linda Carroll, Dr. Elizabeth Battles, Dr. Michelle Payne and Dr. Trevor Morris.

“The Sumners Scholarship program has a tradition of honoring the best and brightest students,” Deborah Roark, associate vice president of sponsored programs and external relations, said at the event. “It is more than a scholarship – it is an experience that develops and nurtures the critical thinking and leadership skills that are inherit in each scholar. It is a privilege to work with the Sumners Foundation year after year to support these remarkable students as they prepare for graduate programs and careers,” Roark continued.

This academic year, scholars have attended events such as the Hatton W. Sumners Distinguished Lecture and Luncheon series hosted by the National Center for Policy Analysis, a public policy weekend and a student ethical leadership conference at the University of Texas at Austin. Graduating Sumner Scholar Meisa Keivani was also recognized at the event, although not present.

Currently, there are six Sumners Scholarship recipients at Texas Wesleyan. The next Sumners Scholarship recipients will be announced in two weeks.

The endowed Sumners Scholarship Program was established at Texas Wesleyan in 1994. Since then, more than 50 Wesleyan students have been honored. Preference is given to students who are majoring in political science, pre-law or history, and to those who plan to teach in the field of social studies; however, students from other program areas who have high academic achievement, are involved in activities, and exhibit leadership and a strong sense of community responsibility are also considered.

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