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Tips on how to ace virtual learning from the Leadership Academy Network

10.05.2020 | By:
Logo of the TXWES/Fort Worth ISD Leadership Academy Network

The past few months have been all about adjusting with the changing times. For many of us, that has meant working from home. For families, it has meant balancing working from home with making sure their kids are still getting the most out of education, even if their classroom is the kitchen table.

DFWChild turned to the Leadership Academy Network, the unique partnership between Texas Wesleyan and Fort Worth ISD, for tips on how families can best tackle virtual learning.

Lea Anne Roach, assistant principal at the Leadership Academy Network at Forest Oak, recommends following the social media feeds from your child’s school to make sure you’re not missing any important details. Also, don’t worry about having the perfect physical space for your child to learn. The most important thing is that they are comfortable, no matter where they are.

“You may not be able to physically walk into your child’s school, but there are many resources available and a lot of people who want to help,” says Priscila Dilley, senior administrator of the Leadership Academy Network. “Many teachers are parents themselves, and we understand the challenges parents and students are facing firsthand. Let’s make this work together.” 

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