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Is a College Degree Really Worth it Anymore?

10.25.2012 | By:

News stories have recently asked the question: "Is college worth it?"

The answer is a resounding yes.

Not only do college graduates earn significantly more than their non-degreed peers -- about $1 million more -- but also the unemployment rate is twice as low for those who hold a bachelor's degree as those who don't. That’s a big competitive edge not just in today’s job market, but also for a lifetime in the workforce.

And, more and more, the path to success in the future can be found through advanced degrees and certifications.

"In my father's generation, to get ahead in life, you needed a high school diploma," President Frederick G. Slabach said. "In my generation, to get ahead in life, you needed a bachelor's degree. Based on everything the economists are telling us, this generation of students, in the future, will need a graduate degree to get ahead in life."