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Jennifer Henderson is Building an Innovative Creative Firm

10.11.2012 | By:

Jennifer Oliver Henderson is always learning.

The people she met at Texas Wesleyan and the concepts they taught her—in the art studio, classrooms and campus offices—while pursuing a fine arts degree (and working on campus) have motivated her long after graduation, Henderson says.

Today, she is the owner of J.O., a growing Fort Worth public relations and marketing agency. She is also embarking on a new venture developing a separate not-for-profit entity to serve J.O.’s expanding list of nonprofit clients.

The mentorship from staff members and her professors continue – Henderson says these individuals still inspire her professionally as a marketer and designer.

“The people who surrounded me at Wesleyan were very supportive,” Henderson said. “Really, they were like a family. They helped mold me into who I am today.”

Henderson found success after graduation in the highly charged world of professional advertising. She relished the energy and excitement of a creative, deadline-driven environment. But, she didn’t feel satisfied with the direction her employers were taking.

Henderson returned to Texas Wesleyan to serve as the University’s art director, where she was able to work with many of her creative inspirations.

“I’m so glad I did. Working at Wesleyan really helped me to grow up professionally. My co-workers gave me a sense of responsibility and professionalism. They trusted me and gave me lots of opportunities and experiences,” she said.

Though she's now devoted full-time to J.O., Henderson continues working for Wesleyan through the agency, often providing her services pro bono. Whether it’s developing a new logo, assisting with campaigns, or even telling her own story, Henderson’s body of work has helped others see the advantage of attending Texas Wesleyan.