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Kay Granger ’65 HON ’93 and Marc Veasey ’95 Stress Leadership During Campus Visi

02.27.2013 | By:

U.S. Rep. Kay Granger (R) and U.S. Rep. Marc Veasey (D) represent two different political parties, but they both agree that Texas Wesleyan provides a good foundation for leadership.

Veasey said. “When you think about the fact that Kay and I both went here and the contributions that people have made in the legal profession, in sciences, in health with our nurse anesthetist program, Texas Wesleyan is really on the cutting edge of a lot of marvelous things that are going on here in Fort Worth,” Veasey said.

The small school culture at Texas Wesleyan and the academic preparation make a difference, Granger said.

“I think Texas Wesleyan produces people who produce,” she said. “My experience is that it’s like a family who encourage independence and real achievement – a lot of personal attention, which is unusual today.”

Granger still experiences that as a member of Congress.

“From time to time, I will have someone at Texas Wesleyan who will point out a particular student and say, ‘We just want you to meet this student because this student’s going to do good things and shows real leadership.’ So not only does Texas Wesleyan encourage leadership, but it opens the door for opportunities.”

Working Together to Give Texas Wesleyan a Voice

“It unusual to have two graduates who are both in Congress, so I look forward to us working together, particularly on education issues – and to work on both sides of the aisle,” Granger said.  “That’s really important today.”

“We will work together as a Democrat and Republican, and as two people from the same community,” Granger said. “We can get some things done that might not be done otherwise.”

Veasey said it’s good for the University to have two alumni in Congress.

“It gives the University a voice on higher education issues in Congress,” Veasey said. “It also helps with the identification of the university as a great place in the Metroplex and North Texas.”

Read more from Granger and Veasey’s interview in the spring Wesleyan magazine, published in April. Contact DeAwna Wood at for a free subscription.