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Join the West Library for the inaugural Local Author Day

10.11.2016 | By:
Tree for Author Day

Texas Wesleyan's inaugural Local Author Day is here on Oct. 20. The West Library will celebrate staff, students and alumni who are published authors. Starting at noon, there will be panel discussions and a QA session in the Library Orientation Room. Books by the authors will be on sale in the library’s main room until 2 p.m., thanks to the university bookstore.

Authors participating in the author day include Mary-Margaret Belota, Adwoa Bonney-Graves, Everett Davis, Jeffrey DeLotto, Cassandra Dunlap, Michelle Hartman, Kendra Irons, Phuong (Finn) Le, Chris Manno, Twyla Miranda, Steve Sherwood, Derron Strickland and Wade Thompson.

Special guests will be Elizabeth Alexander, Brenda Taylor Matthews and Louis Sherwood signing copies of their book Texas Wesleyan University: the College on the Hill.

Have a question about Local Author Day? Contact Risa Brown at 817-531-4802 for more information.