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Join West Library for 'Snapshot Day' and be part of statewide library advocacy

10.07.2014 | By:

The West Library is joining libraries across the state in participating in Texas Library Snapshot Day on Oct. 15, 2014. Every day, Texas libraries reach out to millions of Texans – students, adults, job-seekers, researchers, entrepreneurs and countless others. Snapshot Day provides a way to capture the diversity of activities and learning made possible by libraries.

On Oct. 15, West Library will take pictures of our users participating in library functions, compile statistics, customer comments and other data chronicling a typical library day. The results collected at West Library will be added to those of other libraries across Texas to show how libraries provide invaluable services to Texans.

At the West Library students, administrators, community members, alumni, University faculty and staff come to use the reference services, print collection, e-books, online databases, periodicals, computers, circulation services, scantron machine, meeting spaces, coffee and comfy chairs. With new assessment standards in place, the library is essential to helping students learn to effectively master digital literacy, critical thinking and research skills, and getting people to walk in to the Library is the first step.

Supporters of West Library are asked to drop by the library to share their thoughts about the library and participate in this library advocacy program. Texas Library Snapshot Day is a project of the Texas Library Association and the West Library

For more information, contact Elizabeth Howard or visit

Snapshot Day is a project of the Texas Library Association.