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Looking For a Test? Check Your Final Exam Schedule

05.09.2013 | By: Texas Wesleyan University

Final Exam Schedule — Fall 2012

All final exams will be held as scheduled, and no exceptions will be made.

To download a copy of this schedule, Click here.

Day/Date of Exam Regular Class Period Hour of Exam
Saturday,  December    1 Track A class period
Sunday, December 2 Track A class period
Saturday, December 8 Track B and C class period
Sunday, December 9 Track B and C class period
Wednesday,    December 5 4:30 pm W 4:30 pm
(Final exams for Wed. evening classes) 5:00 pm W, 5:30 pm MW 5:00 pm
  6:00 pm W 6:30 pm
  7:00 pm W 7:00 pm
Thursday, December 6 9:25 am TTH 8:00 am
  10:50 am TTH 10:30 am
  1:30 pm TTH, 1:30pm T lab 1:00 pm
  4:30 pm TH 4:30 pm
  5:00 pm TH 5:00 pm
  6:00 pm TH 6:30 pm
  7:00 pm TH 7:00 pm
Friday, December 7 9:00 am MWF 8:00 am
  10:00 am MWF 10:30 am
  1:30 pm F lab 1:00 pm
  1:30 pm MW, 1:30 pm M lab, 2:00 pm W 3:30 pm
Monday, December 10 8:00 am MWF, 8:30 am MW 8:00 am
  3:00 pm TTH, 1:30 pm TH lab, 2 pm TH 10:30am
  3:00 pm MW, 3:00 pm M, 1:30 pm W lab 1:00 pm
  4:30 pm M 4:30 pm
  5:00 pm M 5:00 pm
  6:00 pm M 6:30 pm
  7:00 pm M 7:00 pm
Tuesday, December 11 8:00 am TTH 8:00 am
  11:00 am MWF 10:30 am
  12:00 pm MW or MWF 1:00 pm
  4:30 pm T 4:30 pm
  5:00 pm T 5:00 pm
  6:00 pm T 6:30 pm
  7:00 pm T 7:00 pm

Please note: Students with conflicting exam times should consult with the professor for arrangements.

Any online course exams requiring students to meet on campus are scheduled for 4 pm and 6 pm on Friday and Saturday, Nov. 30 & Dec 1. Students should check with their instructor for date, time and room confirmation.

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