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New TCC and Texas Wesleyan agreements save students time, money

04.09.2014 | By:

Transferring to Texas Wesleyan University from Tarrant County College is now easier than ever. Newly revised articulation agreements between the schools guarantee that Texas Wesleyan accepts TCC transfer students who are core certified as having met Texas Wesleyan’s general course requirements.

For students, this means that more courses completed at TCC can now transfer to Texas Wesleyan and count towards a bachelor’s degree – saving both time and money.

“The last thing students want to hear is that a course they have completed satisfactorily at TCC won’t count as a credit towards a degree here,” Allen H. Henderson, provost and senior vice president at Texas Wesleyan, said.

“That’s why we worked hard with TCC to update our articulation and reverse articulation agreements. We want to make the transition for students from TCC to Texas Wesleyan’s baccalaureate programs as easy and simple as possible.”

A student who completes the state core curriculum requirement at TCC receives credit for their Texas Wesleyan core. A religion course is required at Texas Wesleyan and may be the only core course needed, if it has not been taken as part of the state core at TCC.

Find more information for transfer students, including information about how transfer students can receive free tuition at