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Protect Your Mobile Phone from Fraud

01.24.2013 | By:

Mobile communications is just one of the topics of the second annual Fraud Conference, which is held on the campus of Texas Wesleyan University. Presenters include experts from the IRS, the Tarrant County District Attorney's Office, the U.S. Secret Service, and Interpol. The conference is attended by financial professionals and practitioners who want to stay current with the latest fraudulent activities that may impact their clients. The conference will be held on February 1 and is sponsored by Texas Wesleyan's School of Business Administration.

Quick Tips to Safeguard Your Phone

If you value the contents of your phone, take steps to help prevent mobile phone fraud, including:

1. Enable auto-lock

This security feature means you can’t use your phone until you enter a password. This will help delay, but not always prevent, unauthorized use.

2. Choose apps wisely

Download apps that are from app stores you trust. Apps that are more popular, with lots of reviews, are less likely to be malicious.

3. Keep your phone up to date

When your phone prompts you to update your operating system, do it. These patches help keep your phone protected from recently discovered vulnerabilities.

4. Avoid unsecure networks

Never enter financial transactions or provide ID or account numbers on unknown wireless networks.

5. Perform regular backups

Many thieves may not bother with your data--they just throw away your SIM card and sell the phone.With backed up data, your replacement phone can have you back in business fairly quickly.