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Rambler Wins Multiple Design, News, Photo Awards in TIPA Contests

04.12.2012 | By:

Staff writers, editors and designers for The Rambler received 17 awards in the 2011-2012 Texas Intercollegiate Press Association previously published contests, which featured work by student publications across Texas.

For Division 3:
The Rambler received an honorable mention in overall excellence.

Individual winners from the Rambler included:
Shauna Banks-First place, photo illustration; Third place, news story; Honorable mention, information graphic; Honorable mention, page one design
Jonathan Blake-Third place, Information graphic; Honorable mention, editorial cartoon
Jonathan Resendez-Third place, Information graphic
Meisa Keivani Najafabadi-Second place, photo illustration; Third place, sports feature photo
Eliana Mijangos-Honorable mention, sports feature story
Rachel Peel-Honorable mention, news feature story
Chelsey Lewis-Second place, ad design
Erica Estrada-First place, illustration
Jordan Twine-Honorable mention, headline
Barry Grubbs-Third place, op/ed page design received an honorable mention for best online community engagement, and Eliana Mijangos received an honorable mention in open television competition for audition tape.