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ATM now available in the West Library

10.08.2014 | By:
The West Library is now home to an OmniAmerican Bank ATM machine.

Abbey Borghee, Dr. Deborah Roark, Joe Brown, Chad Kerr (OmniAmerican), Sheri Parker, Lynette Grant (OmniAmerican) and Tyler Mendez welcome the arrival of the new ATM in West Library.

The West Library is now home to an OmniAmerican Bank ATM. The University Retention Committee, which works to identify and address items that will positively impact student retention, identified the need for an ATM to serve all of our students, especially those who live on campus. The ATM is available for all members of the Wesleyan family.

No fees exist for those using an OmniAmerican debit card, while non-OmniAmerican Bank customers will incur a $3 fee per transaction to withdraw cash. 

"The ATM will be a huge convenience and benefit for our students, especially now that we have so many international students living on campus that don't have regular transportation," shared Professor Joe Brown, Dean of Freshman Success and Chair of the Retention Committee. 

"What makes this even more special is the willingness of our neighborhood bank to go above and beyond the call of service to work to help our students with this convenience. I hope our students will recognize this and consider using a more personal neighborhood bank for their banking services. Sometimes the 'big box' banks just don't meet the needs of students." 

OmniAmerican Assistant Vice President Chad Kerr was on campus for the installation. Kerr is also the branch manager of OmniAmerican's East Rosedale St. location across from Sycamore Park.

"We are excited about this step in the growing partnership between OmniAmerican Bank and Texas Wesleyan University," stated Kerr.

"Providing an ATM on campus offers added convenience as we continue to build banking relationships with the faculty, staff and students. OmniAmerican Bank and Texas Wesleyan, pillars of business and higher education in Fort Worth, are similar organizations in culture and commitment to our community… I feel we are both 'smaller and smarter'."

Texas Wesleyan and Omni American have been collaborating on activities over the past few years, including providing financial literacy workshops for students. This November, bank staff will again provide workshops on credit and on buying a car during Texas Wesleyan's Financial Literacy Month. 

Visit the West Library's website for hours of operation