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Science Department receives $6,000 grant for student research

12.08.2014 | By:
Texas Wesleyan has received a $6,000 grant from the Vivienne Redlich Charitable Trust managed by J.P. Morgan.

Texas Wesleyan has received a $6,000 grant from the Vivienne Redlich Charitable Trust managed by J.P. Morgan.

This is the first award the university has received from this trust, and funds will be used to support laboratory research by science students. Bruce Benz, Ph.D., professor of biology, will serve as the project director for this grant.

Critical thinking through research

All science students at Texas Wesleyan engage in one to two semesters of required independent research as a part of their major curriculum. These students present results of their research efforts at local, national and international conferences and symposia. Historically, similar grants have supported 5-10 students per year in their research. 

"Support from the Redlich Charitable Trust has impacts far beyond the immediate research opportunity or scholarship support," Benz said. "It rewards student diligence that, in turn, yields a valuable marketable skill set all recipients — Cori Laws, Kristen Thorn, Emily Hawkins, Fauz Saheb — use to find the next opportunity in academics, research and industry."

These grant-funded, student research assistant positions often help close the financial gap for students who show great promise, while providing real world, hands-on experiences in the science laboratories. Candidates are identified and selected by science faculty who will lead the research components.

Preparing for graduate school and professional careers

Many former Texas Wesleyan science students who have conducted research continue to be coveted recruits for pre-baccalaureate research internship programs and for enrollment in post-baccalaureate programs at institutions such as the UT-Southwestern Medical Center and the University of North Texas Health Science Center. They are also recruited by industries for computer science graduates such as IBM, Oracle, OmniAmerican Bank and Pricewaterhouse Coopers.

About the Vivienne Redlich Charitable Trust

Philanthropic individuals or families who are looking to give back to their communities, foster a charitable legacy and make a difference in the world often select a manager for their giving. The Vivienne Redlich Charitable Trust is one of the many charitable trusts administered by J.P. Morgan.

Each trust sets its own program and geographic giving focus. The Vivienne Redlich Charitable Trust has chosen medical and scientific research in Fort Worth and Arlington as one of its concentrations.