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Team awarded for helping with law school transition

08.27.2013 | By:

In recognition of great work on our campus, I will be spotlighting examples of excellence by departments or individuals who have shown extraordinary performance. My G.E.M. (Going the Extra Mile) Award recognizes people who continue to make Texas Wesleyan a supportive and nurturing environment for our students.

Transitioning the law school to Texas A&M University was a major undertaking that required tireless efforts from many individuals. Their dedication to making sure everything was addressed in time to meet our deadlines was truly impressive.

Debbie Cavitt and Pressley Smith in the purchasing office reviewed all of the contracts related to the sale – sometimes reviewing multiple versions of the same ones.

Brian Franks in facilities coordinated with vendors to ensure that work was completed at law school prior to sale.

Our human resources group – Steve Roberts, Kristi Taylor, Sara DeLeon and Katie Brozek – assisted with transitioning employee records to the A&M System.

The finance team provided extensive information concerning financial documents, reports, schedules and budget items concerning the law school. That group includes Stephanie Franks, Lisa Wilks, Janie Pokluda, Caron Patton and Roger Guerrero.

Laurie Rosenkrantz in financial aid transitioned 750 financial aid packages for law school students.

And our IT group worked with the law school during the transition and is continuing to provide support after the purchase. Those involved in the effort are Marcus Kerr, Gary Brunner, Kendra Ketchum, Brigitte Mudukuti, Gregg Flowers, George Blackwell, Sonia Serrano, David Moses, Madison Le, Artis Walls, Terrance Johnson, Charles Singleton and Richard Webb.

I cannot thank all of you enough for your teamwork and dedication to getting the job done. This group has gone the extra mile and achieved success in the face of many challenges and time constraints. Thank you for all you do.


Frederick G. Slabach