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Texas Wesleyan unveils medical school pathway program with guaranteed admission

06.21.2018 | By:
Outside view of Oneal-Sells Administration building at Texas Wesleyan. Displayed on the building are banners saying

Texas Wesleyan has signed agreements that will automatically admit eligible TXWES graduates to one of several medical schools based in the Caribbean, all of which will enable graduates to practice medicine in the United States. They include Caribbean Medical University, American University of Integrative Sciences, University of Health Sciences Antigua, Windsor University School of Medicine, among others.

“This partnership is a very good opportunity for students,” said Allen Henderson, Ph.D., provost & senior vice president at Texas Wesleyan University. “It allows our Texas Wesleyan pre-med students direct access to several medical and health science schools.  Texas Wesleyan prides itself on its top-notch biology and pre-med programs and the access our undergrads have to hands-on research. These schools recognize our quality programs and students.”

M.D. graduates from partner institutions can practice in all U.S. states except California, where licensure is limited to federal institutions, such as Department of Veterans Affairs or Department of Defense hospitals.

Texas Wesleyan pre-med students must maintain an overall GPA of at least 3.00 and must have passed a series of core science classes with at least a B-average. Admission is guaranteed to the student’s choice from the list of partner schools and without the need to take the MCAT examination. All partner schools will furthermore offer Texas Wesleyan students a $1000 minimum scholarship for use during the first semester of studies in the Caribbean.

This program is open to all Texas Wesleyan students, domestic and international.