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Texas Wesleyan's Eugene Frier Nominated for Good in Gaming Award

11.14.2023 | By: Texas Wesleyan University

In the fast-evolving world of collegiate esports, Texas Wesleyan University has emerged as a powerhouse, not only in competitive gaming but also in fostering a positive gaming culture. This commitment to excellence and sportsmanship has recently been recognized with the nomination of Eugene Frier, director of esports & gaming, for the prestigious Good in Gaming award as part of the Scholars Collegiate Gaming Awards. 

“I'm truly honored to be nominated for the Good in Gaming Award,” Frier said. “This nomination is a shared success. It is only made possible by the collaborative spirit of the collegiate esports' community. Together, we're making strides towards a more inclusive gaming environment.” 

Under Eugene Frier's leadership, Texas Wesleyan's esports program has flourished, making a significant mark in the competitive gaming arena. Frier's dedication to creating a supportive environment for gamers has been instrumental in attracting top talent to the university and building a community that values both skill and sportsmanship. 

The Good in Gaming award, part of the Scholars Collegiate Gaming Awards, is a testament to Frier's exceptional contributions to the esports community. This award recognizes individuals who go beyond the competitive aspect of gaming and actively work towards creating a positive impact on the gaming community. 

Frier's nomination for this esteemed award highlights not only his commitment to fostering a healthy gaming culture but also his efforts in promoting inclusivity, diversity and good sportsmanship within the esports community. His vision extends beyond just creating a successful esports program. He understands the importance of esports in education, not only as a form of entertainment but also as a platform for personal and professional growth, skill development and community building. Frier's leadership has been instrumental in establishing Texas Wesleyan as a leading institution in the collegiate esports scene. 

Voting Details 

The Scholars Collegiate Gaming Awards has opened the voting phase, allowing the gaming community and RAMily to rally behind Frier. Voting is open until Nov. 25, providing an opportunity for fans, students and the broader gaming community to show their support for Frier's contributions to the esports landscape. 

Cast your vote and join in the celebration of Frier's nomination for the Good in Gaming award. 

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